Friday, 8 May 2009

Hot patootie, bless my soul!

I was way too young when I watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time, but that’s not a bad thing. In fact, I owe all my favourite, personal idiosyncrasies to it. At an age when a little girl should be obsessed with ponies and princess dresses, I was obsessed with stockings, rock ‘n’ roll and gothic glamour. My primary male role-model, aside from my father, was a flamboyant, stiletto-wearing transvestite from Trannsexual, Transylvania. Never did me any harm.

So I was horrified to learn today that MTV are planning a remake. And not only a remake, but they intend to ADD SONGS!! WHAAAT?!?

Jesus Christ people, do you realise what you’re messing with?? Are MTV aware that they are shatting all over their own deep-pile office carpet?? Does the word ‘cult’ mean nothing to these so-called à la mode cultural commentators? Or is this final confirmation that the MTV offices are populated with no-brainer, ditzy teens who are desperately seeking to conform the entire world to a glossy High School Musical en masse zombie-mind orgy??

There is an online petition Stop the Remake that is collecting names against the RHPS remake…for the sake of every sacred cult film in movie history, go add yourself to it!


  1. I started thinking about this last week, whilst out cutting the grass. When I heard the news first I, like yourself, was quite horrified but last week I thought about the 1000's of times a version of the stage show has been produced and performed by groups since it's debut in 1973. The film and stage show have been so mingled together by fans now, that they have become almost interchangeable. Can one really call something that has been done so many times a "remake"? It mightn't turn out very good; it might be just a cynical cash-in; but surely the best way to view it is just another production of an extremely popular muscial? We did survive seeing Jason Donovan as Frankenfurter after all :)

  2. A very good point! Yes, there are lots of different versions out there, of varying quality I must admit, and I’m all in favour of bringing Rocky Horror to new audiences and such…my only concern is that MTV has a tendency to over-stylise, over-hype and over-gloss all that it touches and part of Rocky’s consistent appeal is its shabby, amateurish, B-movie feel. I am interested to see what they produce through morbid curiosity alone…who knows, it might be a big hit after all!