Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Green Day and pink bunnies

There are a number of mysteries that continue to confound modern man. Is there an afterlife? Why do we age? Is there life on other planets? Do all questions have an answer? Can you cry underwater? In the song Yankee Doodle, is he calling the horse or the feather “macaroni”?

But the greatest mystery of all must be this: exactly who is the drunk bunny warm-up act for the band Green Day?

Last week I saw Green Day play live at the LG arena in Birmingham (lovely, shiny spanking new building by the way, but such a bitch to walk to from the car park…). GD formed part of the staple musical diet at my high school and I’ve been a huge fan for years since, but, to my shame, I’ve never seen them play live. Having narrowly missed out on tickets to the American Idiot tour four years ago, there wasn’t a chance in hell that I was missing the guys this time around. The gig was excellent; the band rocked out the arena and Billy Joe Armstrong was as adorable as ever, so nothing new to report there. But there was one part of the evening that was particularly entertaining; the warm-up act. And I’m not talking about the support band here…

I’ve heard distant rumblings on music forums about the drunk bunny that appears onstage to warm up the crowd at Green Day gigs, but it wasn’t until the little fella staggered out on stage, beer bottles in hand, and started to lead the entire arena in a drunken rendition of YMCA that I realised why the fans love him so much. The cheers that went up when he came out on stage would have made some established bands jealous. Camera started flashing and fans were chanting ‘down it, down it’ as he chugged down his first bottle of beer in one.

So who is the bunny? Rumours abound as to whether the pink-bunny-suited entertainer is one of the crew or even a member of the band and speculation will no doubt continue…assuming GD keep on using him as their warm-up act, that is, which I hope to sweet Jebus they will for many many years to come. In fact, ditch the support acts guys. Give the bunny a guitar and some backing musicians and let’s see if he can rock out!

It was a great night, an excellent gig and thanks for the laughs, drunk bunny, whoever you are…

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